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Most people would say that the easiest way to obtain a Green card is through your employer if you’re working in America, or if you are being petitioned by a family member who is already a naturalized citizen in the US. But what if you have never set foot in America or you know no one there? You need not frown. Green Card lottery could just be perfect for you.

Green Card Lottery

Another way to obtain a Permanent Resident card is through lottery initiated by the American Congress. According to this program, there will be 50 000 people who’ll have the chance to acquire US resident status by means of lottery! Yes. Believe it or not- if you’re name is lucky enough to get drawn from the lot- you’ve got it.

History of Permanent Resident Card Lottery

Green card lottery was initiated by the US congress in 1986 in acknowledgment of immigrants coming from unrepresented countries and for those people who have been affected by the INA (Immigration Nationality Act).  SattaThe congress devised a lottery program to provide opportunity for the “diverse” immigrants under the Diversity Immigrant Visa program, allowing people from the unrepresented countries to be able to work freely in the United States and attain permanent resident status.

Application Process

In the past, applicants for the Permanent Resident card lottery submit their application through post. But in year 2003, it was already done online. First you need to check with USAGCLS if you qualify then you need to pay $250 as administrative fee. You would have to visit the US Department of State website and get the form there. After that, you will be given your username and password to complete your application. The most important thing you need to have if you want to have a green card through lottery is the Diversity Visa application. Once you’ve won in the lottery, you will be notified via mail.

Rights and Privileges

Once you get your card, you can enjoy the rights and privileges that a Native American can enjoy except of course the right to vote as it is intended for American citizens only. With your card, you will have permanent resident status and it can be renewed after 10 years. You also gain the right to work freely anywhere in the United States and to invest or put up your own business. If you want to be a US citizen, all you need is 5 years of residency and you can apply for citizenship. Having the Permanent Resident card lets you enjoy the rights and obligations (such as paying of tax) along with other Native Americans.

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